I dont know about you, but

I sometimes get me phone’s ringtone stuck in me head. So every few minutes I have to check if it is actually ringing or I’m just imagining it.

I enjoy conversations based on songs. You know, just toss the names of songs around, hum a few tunes and so the conversation meanders on. “Oh yeah, but have you heard…”

I want to learn how to make paan. Like have a proper thela with all the little jars and make my own paan.

I imagine the North Pole to be a pretty noisy place what with all the polar bears humping away and chunks of ice falling all the time. And those bloody seals with their “ook ook”.

I like clearing my spam so that I can see the msg “Hooray, no spam here!”

I think my computer has a distinct personality of his own. Lazy, little bastard who likes doing “nothing much” all day.

I think the world is flat. Like really. I do not care what all the photos from all the space “missions” Cough CIA Cough say, this planet is fukin flat.

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4 Responses to I dont know about you, but

  1. Pratiti says:

    1) Ditto.
    2) I like them too. But everyone runs away once I start humming tunes. 😦
    3) My thakuma has one such kouto. Thela in Hindi/or whatever language you speak, maybe.
    4)So do I. But with elves and reindeer besides the polar bears and seals.
    5)Will try this.
    6)I think they mostly reflect their owners’ personalities. (No offence!) At least mine is totally like me. Also Sroyon’s. Organized to an unthinkable extent and very often attacked by viruses.
    7)Er, no…
    I like this post.

    • kroswami says:

      “Organized to an unthinkable extent and very often attacked by viruses.”

      dear, i think you made my day. Nope, week. nope. YEAR!!

      perfect. just perfect


  2. Rahul says:

    “polar bears humping”…you are disturbing

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