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Where the world slows down a little bit, splashes some water on her face, and sneezes

That is what happens when the water goes up the nose. It is so annoying ya. . However much I like the idea of speed, I do quite love the idea of slowing down. Really slowing down. Because that is … Continue reading

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Where the words continue to fall, like obese children pushed off the ledge

That is mildly funny. The image of fat kids falling down. Only mildly. It would be fully funny if they were covered in chocolate sauce and had parachutes. So they were not actually falling but gliding down. Chutes open. Dripping … Continue reading

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Where the furnishings are left all alone, sitting in a small circle and muttering amongst themselves

Furnishings. Sounds like a verb but is not. Or is it. Are you done furnishing the house? Are those your furnishings? Ooooo, we have a boundary-crosser in our midst. Oooooooh. . I wonder if cricket would become more fun if … Continue reading

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Where the poets fall, all struck by the particularly malicious rhyme virus

The Rhyme Virus. Symptoms include the inability to find synonyms, an obsession with the word “purple” and a debilitating addiction to haiku. There I said it. I don’t understand haiku. Boo. Anyway, the rhyme virus is spreading beware. Don’t try … Continue reading

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Where the flies win, a satisfying victory in the midst of a vicious hate campaign

You think we will start directing our hate to non-human actors soon? I mean there is only so much hate you can have for your fellow beings right? Sooner or later, that is not going to be enough. How far … Continue reading

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Where the coffee tastes bitter, much like your life when the end nears

I am told that death tastes like lemons. It would be fucked up if the opposite was true no? Here, have this lemon merengue. No, I don’t want to. Why? It smells like my grandmother. Oooooo. We starting off on … Continue reading

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Where the lungi is pulled up high, ready for battle and also allowing some cooling of the tenders

I don’t know how many people place much importance to having cool tenders. Especially in a (generally) muggy kind of climate that I find myself in. Which is a pity because there are few things more pleasant than having your … Continue reading

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