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Where the poets fall, all struck by the particularly malicious rhyme virus

The Rhyme Virus. Symptoms include the inability to find synonyms, an obsession with the word “purple” and a debilitating addiction to haiku. There I said it. I don’t understand haiku. Boo. Anyway, the rhyme virus is spreading beware. Don’t try … Continue reading

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Where the titles fall, hard and brittle cause thats just the way they are

Crashing into the ground. Breaking into many, many pieces. Not even close to a million by the way. You know, just to make sure people don’t go around jumping to conclusions. Million pieces it seems. Seen your face? .  

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Where inspiration tries to land, an overweight and scruffy owl with a squint

I think about owls some times. Usually during the day because in the night they become slightly creepy. But in the day, they seem to enjoy not taking themselves too seriously. Like a bunch of old friends who are used … Continue reading

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Where we wonder, and wander, but more wonder and less wander

I came across Pankaj Udhas’ picture earlier today. Made me wonder what his come face would look like. And then I thought about it some more, and tried making a list of people whose come face should never be made … Continue reading

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Where the wind shifts uncomfortably, like when you are wearing loose undies and you feel a wedgie in progress

Right now, I cant think of a word that is more accurate and succinct than the word wedgie. I mean it has got everything going for it. Short, relatively easy to say, and conveys everything you need. Even the sound … Continue reading

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Where the grapes in competing vineyards start to fight, a no holds barred death match of sorts

Fighting grapes must surely produce some fantastically gory scenes. Fighting each other, swinging and trying to crush their foes. Tearing their thin skins, exposing the sweet juicy flesh to the elements. Watching the drops of life seep out, drop by … Continue reading

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Where we go back to the books, breathing hungrily into the pages

There is something very comforting about reading a book again. Especially if it is one of those books that seeped into your mind, right through the eyes. There are also times when you have left a book half way, and … Continue reading

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