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Where we ponder, a term that can also be used to describe a very, very large puddle

No but seriously. What would you call something that looks like a pond but is not quite there yet? Of course, puddle may be inaccurate. What is a really large puddle? A ditch? Pond. You know what I like about … Continue reading

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Where the stupid chicken crosses the road…and dies.

Stupid frikkin chicken. If you think about it, it is pretty amazing how close to death we are most of the time. Crossing roads, driving cars, taking elevators to work etc etc. I wonder if Death gets real frustrated at … Continue reading

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One sentence movie review – The Place beyond the Pines

Take a romcom, remove the rom, most of the com, pump it with grey areas and then sprinkle some blood from someone’s freshly sliced wrists.  

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Casual. Like formal but with a slouchy back, shirt tucked out and shoelaces untied

Oh the world of words. “Look there goes Haughty, what a proud motha!” ……. One of  my greatest fears is the fear of the shut toilet lid.  You know, you have to bend and lift it and all I can … Continue reading

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