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Where the filth is old, like those trees that are being cut down to make way for nothing in particular

I wonder where the oldest dirt in the world can be found. And I don’t mean soil, but like proper dirt dirt. Dirt that was never meant to be there. Dirt that someone had tried so very hard (or perhaps … Continue reading

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Where the ice melts, slowly and surely, and surprisingly dignified

It is though. Very dignified. I dont think I have ever seen ice melt in an undignified or unbecoming manner really. I mean even when its pretty hot and all, it can steam, yes it can steam but even then … Continue reading

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Where we ponder, a term that can also be used to describe a very, very large puddle

No but seriously. What would you call something that looks like a pond but is not quite there yet? Of course, puddle may be inaccurate. What is a really large puddle? A ditch? Pond. You know what I like about … Continue reading

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