Where we push back, tired beyond belief but also happy that we finally have found something to do

Push back. Always.

Always push back.

Unless of course, the sign on the door says “Pull”. Then you should pull.

Always pull.


I think travel time would be a whole lot more interesting if you could only jump for really short periods of time. Like maybe 10 or 15 seconds.

Why you ask?

Because then the level of planning involved would have to really ramp up. Right down to the last, final detail. So that when you zap back (or forward) you arrive right at the moment when it is crucial.

So are you saying that you could go back 600 years in time, but only for 15 seconds?



That would be pretty cool.

I wonder what you could change if you had those 15 seconds. What could be the chain of events that your 15 seconds could push into motion. A little tweak here and there, a nudge here or perhaps not there. If the sands of time really do change with one grain.

Who knows.

Who indeed.


But never forget to push back. Never. Or pull.

Maybe I should just change that to always read the door.


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