Where the world slows down a little bit, splashes some water on her face, and sneezes

That is what happens when the water goes up the nose.

It is so annoying ya.


However much I like the idea of speed, I do quite love the idea of slowing down. Really slowing down. Because that is when you are made the most aware. That is when it really really starts to feel real. Do you know what I mean? Do you?

I am not so sure.


I think I will call everyone Bubbles from now on. Okay well maybe not everyone. I don’t know if the taxi wallah would appreciate being called Bubbles. Or even my neighbour. No, that woman would definitely not appreciate it. Anyway, she gives me full dirty looks when I put the kachra ka bag outside the door. As I the bag was filled with dead kittens or something.

I think she thinks I am a crack addict with a deep rooted hatred for kittens.

Which is quite unfair.

A lot of things are unfair. Life is unfair. Oh god the number of times I have been told that. Some sort of divine justification for how fucked up things really are. “This is the way it is. And will be” it seems.


Your face only.


I was having a conversation with someone, and, for some reason, the words “I know you. You will take a dump on his desk ” were pronounced in my direction. Which made me wonder.

The desk drawers, although requiring greater accuracy and positioning, would be far more sneakier.

Well worth the effort me thinks.


Clearly, I have very little idea of where this is going. Or where it is supposed to go. Maybe I should stop for a while. Take a deep breath. Splash some water on me face.

Grab hold of that kitten.

So dark Bubbles. So dark.

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