Where the will remains, a flaky, skeletal little thing with barely any flesh

You can break will, of this I have little doubt. But what I also know is that it can surprise you with its strength. Resilience? Though perhaps it is just one of those tough elements you know. Like real hard-to-break mofos. There is no value judgment attached to it, it is just the way it is. Real tough. Hard.

I suppose it is cruel to disparage things for their inherent characteristics. Cruel and unfair. Like making fun of clouds for being white, or coal for being so smoky. I quite love the word – smoky. Hint of romanticism, unclear vision, and that nagging feeling that this is not really good for you.

It is pretty easy to want things that are not good for you. Call it the seventh law of attraction – Thou shalt crave what gets you to the grave.

And so He spoketh. And His word was law.

That is all for now.

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