Where we try, and try again but with a certain amount of laziness, secretly hoping to fail

Am sure you know what that feel like. Don’t lie. The times when you pretend to work real hard, perhaps looking and hoping for some kind of external validation, but inside your heard (and I do mean inside) you know that you are hoping to fail.

Hope to fail.

That is like walking on this real rickety bridge and just hoping that the wind picks up and the bridge falls or collapses and you fall down the valley along with it. That is a bit morose no? And also kinda impractical. I mean how many times do you have to cross a rickety bridge over a valley. Like seriously. Your life is not that adventurous also.

Don’t lie.

Anyway, what part of Depresso World were we talking about?

Oh yeah, that part where you hope to fail. I think I would like to have some superman levels of objectivity when that happens. Examine the hope from all angles, including one out-of-body type viewing angle. You know, the one where the bhoot inside you steps out of your body, and looks at you. Usually with some levels of condescension or ridicule in those bhooty eyes.



I fucking love that word right now. It carries that appropriate mix of fear and comedy. Like you could be scared as fuck when you hear someone scream “Bhoot” but then you could also laugh a little. And I don’t mean nervous laugh. The kind that is usually accompanied by a nervous fart.

Or paadh.

If we are being all Hindi about it.


Another supremely phonetic word that must have taken very little imagination to create.

“Aye shaamu. What just came out of your bum.”

Not sure man. It went like paaaaadh.

Or something like that.



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