Where the wind shifts uncomfortably, like when you are wearing loose undies and you feel a wedgie in progress

Right now, I cant think of a word that is more accurate and succinct than the word wedgie. I mean it has got everything going for it. Short, relatively easy to say, and conveys everything you need. Even the sound of it is just sufficiently annoying and uncomfortable.

Wah wah.

Nahi nahi wah ustaad.

That advert will obviously stay with me for a while. Husain banging away on the tablas, all rapture and sweaty. A man deep in his art it seems.

Deep. Very deep.



I like words that sound like what they mean. So direct, so blunt and to the point. Like impatient little fuckers with no tolerance for a little ambiguity. None at all. Maybe they were the children of a pair of really focused fuckers. Like full time-table and timeline for every single thing.

“Ten (why waste time on names), will be potty trained by age 21 months”

“Nine, brush your teeth forty one times.”

Or some shit like that. You never really know. Unless you actually sit down and study the history of words, the manner and circumstances in which they were born, and raised, and their personalities developed. Were they spoilt, made to feel more important than they were, and then, as they grew older, grew more and more distant from reality. Until, very few actually remembered what they meant or what they were supposed to mean.

Others were born rich and then slipped into poverty, selling off their uses one by one, becoming smaller and smaller, until they were tiny little acronyms. And on the other side, those who everyone thought were useless, becoming the stars of the show, spoken on every tongue, all around the world.


I like watching fires. It feels like the flames are alive.

Maybe they are.


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