Where the titles are lost, not in translation, but in this brooding, menancing rain

Entire libraries swept away. Just swept away, books and books dissolving into the waves. Have you ever looked at a piece of paper as it drowns in water? It is beautiful to watch. The water will first soften the paper, and then break it down, bit by bit. Crumbling in slow motion, like in a different kind of space.

And you know you can’t save it, the paper is gone forever. Because even if you pull it out, all you get is a dead, clumped up, soggy mess. Disfigured and spoilt, with no purpose, no life anymore.

This is going in a direction that I do not wish to explore right now.

So I wont.

Oh choice, I love you. I do. Like I hate you.



Yeah, I think that is going to be my new catchphrase: CHAI BREAK!

Just scream it when shit is getting too real, when I am asked to act all mature and responsible. And when the questions get a little too personal (can’t have people figuring out what kind of feku I am, now can I)

So kro, what do you do?



Fuck man. I am so funny. Its not funny. It is just not funny.

I think I should get a new laptop.




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