Where the clouds breathe silently, deep in thought and slightly crabby

I wonder what a cloud’s breath would sound like. You think they sigh? Look down on the world below, and stare at the light above, and just go “siiiiiighhhh”. You think they giggle when the planes fly through them, “Oh not there. Ohhhhh” or are they all angry and invaded privacy types.

You think clouds talk? With each other or even with the birds and animals and trees that they can see. Do you think they talk back? I wonder if there is a language that is not necessarily spoken, and if that would still be called a language.

There is something constricting about language at times, even if you don’t know all the rules or know the rules but choose to ignore them.

I wonder what it would mean to be translucent and porous at the same time. Just read the invisible man for the first time, and there is enough there to really spook the bejesus out of you. I mean he creates this suspense and evil atmosphere like no one I have read yet.


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