Where the ice melts, slowly and surely, and surprisingly dignified

It is though. Very dignified. I dont think I have ever seen ice melt in an undignified or unbecoming manner really. I mean even when its pretty hot and all, it can steam, yes it can steam but even then it just looks like things are under control.

Always under control.

Control is a fat motherfucker.

You don’t want to be under control. Unless you are into that sort of thing. Oh then toh you would totally love it. Like being squashed. And squeezed, right on the lungs. Can’t breathe. Can breathe. Can’t breathe. Can breathe.

Get the fuck off me control.

You fatty.




If I could change one random thing about human beings, it would probably be the way they pick their noses. I would make the default nose picking technique to be this real intricate finger dance (that is a thing) and like this real thorough exercise. Not like the current one, all picky and thrifty and shady. Like as if you are doing something shameful. Which you are not.

Do you hear me nose pickers? Can you hear me? DO NOT BE ASHAMED. YOU ARE PERFECTLY NORMAL.

I think someone had to say that.

I am the next mother theresa.


I wonder what roots talk about. Plant and tree roots. Some of them seem so happy, and fat and cute. Or maybe that is just a cover, and they are actually these ravenous little bastards with some severe narcissism. It is always about them isn’t it. Always looking for food, more food, they need more food. Spreading here and there, patiently, slowly, touching and feeling its way through the damp mud.


Naaa. I don’t mean that. Or do I?

Do you?

I don’t know. Do you think I do?

How the fuck would I know that?

Well, don’t you know what you think?

Fuck you.


A circular argument can be a mighty good waste of time. Good waste it seems. Well, if there can be good fat and good cholesterol and good fried chicken, there can be good waste also.

Like what comes out of your bum after you attend a meeting of tree huggers.

Oh, and I thought a giant contempt-filled stick is what would come out.




I think three letter words are perfect. The triangles of the english language. I mean sometimes I do feel sorry for the middle letter but still. There is so much stability in three letters. No wobbling, no shaking.

So much dignity.

Just like ice.

Ta daaaa.

Toodles mofocukers.


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