Where we ponder, a term that can also be used to describe a very, very large puddle

No but seriously.

What would you call something that looks like a pond but is not quite there yet? Of course, puddle may be inaccurate. What is a really large puddle? A ditch?


You know what I like about that word? It is very self sufficient. Very content. Like there is no hidden ambition in that word. A pond would never aspire to become a lake, or at least that is the way I like to see it. A pond is large enough for ducks but not so intimidating that people go all “oooooo” over it, if you know what I mean.

If you ever (and I do mean ever) answer that in the affirmative, you need to get your head checked.

Lyk srsly.


Watched Shrek after donkey years (ha!) and I still loved it. So many slightly adultish jokes that were snuck into the film (snuck is not a word conan. And you went to Harvard, you should know that).

I wonder how that story was pitched for the first time. Okay so there is this monster who rescues a princess because his swamp is infested with fairy tale creatures. And there is a talking donkey too. And a dragon that is definitely not racist.


I like to think of superheroes that are just slightly out of the ordinary. Like they cant travel faster than the speed of light, but they could outrun a really fit guy. On a good day.

I also think that karma and rebirths actually do occur, just on a far shorter timescale than one would presume to be the case. Like you die a little everyday, and then you are reborn a little everyday too. Like the cycle is far more shorter, far more intense, and real and if you stretch out your hand just a little bit, you can feel the cosmic flow all around you.

Damn, that seems damn weird when I read it again.

Which is why editing is such a painful process. Not that I do it with this blog. For there is great joy to be had in letting your thoughts turn into words, and watch the stream of thought flow up and over ’em hills.

And into a pond.

Ta da!

Oh and I also like slow motion and microscopes because they don’t really change what is happening, but just change your perspective.

It is a bit like wisdom and/or age, except you can buy this shizzle.

On Amazon ya’ll. Whoot whoot.

I will go scratch now.




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