Where we promise to use the treadmill every single day. Lyk srsly

Today is a good day.

I believe that if you keep saying that in your head, the day will actually turn out to be a good one. It is called the power of self belief with elements of auto suggestion.

Kuch bhi.

I wonder if you could break down emotions into specific ingredients. Like when you do tatti in your pants, what are all the emotions that run through your mind? And how much of each. Is there a few grams of pride (hey its possible. No judging. Plus you just did kakka in your pants, I dont think my judgment would bother you too much).

What is the unit of emotion?

I think units are real sick motherfuckers. Cause they force you to quantify, and measure and make sure that you are accurate and all that. What is the point I say, just what is the point.

You mean how FAR is the point? Well, according to most calculations…


I think I will learn more about knots. Maybe not how to tie them with any accuracy but just how they were formed, and why they were used and whether modernity is driving them out to extinction. Or whether they are one of those crusty old mofos who can never really be driven out.

Like grandparents.

Oh thats cold, kro. Even for you.

Push the boundaries. I think cricketers have it the easiest in that department. Like all they have to do is lift the rope and push it a little.


Good morning!


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