Where the words fall in slants, like how paan stains run down walls

So this is it. My final final final FINAL attempt to return to my hungry (usually fat) fans.


Also, in case you read that as a hail, then kindly go ahead with the extermination plans.

Not funny dude. Just not funny.

Guess it is like things are back to normal.


What has been up. Well a lot of things have changed, and a lot more has happened, and of course there was that one time when all the birds in the tree near my house went completely psycho. And I dont mean like normal psycho where they go around just screeching all over the place. But like full on psycho. Like taking aim before taking a dump kinda psycho.

Can you imagine if that really happened.

Bird poop flying through the air, right onto the carefully chosen target. What if the birds were not even doing this at the beck and call of some sort of mildly evil villain, but right on their own? Like at some stage of their evolution, they had been gene-programmed (thats a technical term btw) to just aim and shit.

Aim and shit.

That’s probably what trollers think of before logging in.

Man, does anyone ever log in? Cause that would mean that they would have logged out at some point in time. But no one really logs out? Do they? It would be mighty weird if they did. Naa, I dont think any one logs out no more.

Ooo double negative. Or is that a triple.

You know what is a triple? Triple H.

Ya motherfuckers.

Agreed. This is a bit rusty but I think it will get smoother with the passage of time. Thats what she said.

Okay toodles for now. I am working on this super secret mega project that is going to blow.

Everyone’s mind.

Lyk srsly.


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2 Responses to Where the words fall in slants, like how paan stains run down walls

  1. a traveller says:

    I’ve missed your blog.

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