Where we dance, not because no one is watching but because they have all been blinded

Surrounded by the blind.

Dancing in the centre of this gigantic hall. With blind people standing all over the place. They may not be able to see us but they can sense the energy, that invisible energy that is thrown out when you dance, when you swing your arms in the air and let the music get inside you.

Dance man. Dance like the blind are watching you.

Slightly creepy though. Well, perhaps if they joined along it would not be so creepy. I dont know. How do the blind dance. The ones who have been blind since the very start of their lives.

The ones who do not know, have not been taught (misled?).

You think their dance would be purer? Far closer to what the body is supposed to do? Far closer to the feelings that music is supposed to make you feel? Unrestricted, and truly free.

Dance like the blind. Dance like the blind.


Had the chance to ride through the hills a few days ago. It was wonderful because in your helmet, its just you and your bike. And you go where the bike points you, and the roads curve up and down and you just ride, and ride some more.

It definitely clears the mind because so much of your brain is working on not killing you. There really isnt much left over to think about much else.


You think those snakes in those videos often wonder what the fuck they did to get such a raw deal? Just being carried all over the place and swung this way and that. Probably just got done with a meal, and now suddenly they are being thrown this way and that.

Or is there a celebrity club group, where they trade stories and count the number of times they have made it to the big screen. You think the music video snakes look upto the movie snakes?

Who knows.

Who knows.

I love those words. Because it means that there is something else to be found. There is that chance that you will still find the answer, that if you look long enough, and if you work hard enough, you can find that which you are looking for.


Dance like the blind.


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