Where we continue to see and stare stupidly, so confident in our ability to outlast and outwait and outlive

You think life is all about waiting?

Just waiting.

Waiting for things to happen, waiting for IT to go away, waiting for IT to come to you. Just waiting?

Waiting can be awfully cruel you know. Especially when you dont live to see the end of the wait. It is the hope that kills you. The hope that this time, jus this time, the wait-er will win. The Waiter will become the Victor.


Wait for it.


Was listening to my main Man 50 cent (fitty to his friends) and I was all like that man was the shizzle. The rizzle dizzle of the shizzle.


Some times to reach the gold you have to go through the garbage. Wait, and wade through the trash that we are creating. No trash is not a creative, it is a destructive. You have to destroy to make trash. What a concept no? Like life.

Not sure what you are talking about.

Not sure what I am talking about

Are you sure about anything?

Well….I am pretty sure that if an elephant sat on me, I would fucking die. Just fucking die.

Imagine trying to convince that fat motherfucker to get the fuck off me.

‘Aye fatty, get the fuck off me.”

Don’t think that would work.

Walruses too. I am pretty sure if a walrus decided to sit on me, I would just fucking die.

But first, let me take a selfie.


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