Where we sit down and talk. Like really talk. Talk-talk.

I think the hyphen is one of the most underrated things in the world.

Do you mean hymen?

No. I mean hyphen, a dash, the line between two words that usually are not seen together. But because of Mr. Hyphen here, they become full close to each other, and doubly powerful and shit.

Like totally.

This was not what I wanted to write but you know how it is na? Sometimes you start with the alphabets and suddenly your mind wanders to the Classical section and you are all like “Oh look there is a book I am soooooo going to read” and then you pick it up. And then you see another book (this one is covered in faux leather) and you are all like “Cheh, now that I have all the time in the world, I may as well add this to the collection.”

More than buying books though, I really miss buying music. Like good old tapes. Glancing enviously at the CDs section (wondering when you would have enough money to pick one of those up)

Musicworld – I think that was the coolest shop in the world. They even had DVDs of performances and stuff like that. What else was there. There used to be a Musicworld right on Brigade Road. Now, there is some rubbish there.

And then did Archies stock music? Not sure.

There still is that Radio shack, rythym whatever place in Fort. That is dying.

Dying is kinda like the shit side of living. Like when Living takes a dump, Dying is born.

Ok. that is all for now.


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