Where we wish the worst for others, drinking in the hatred and anger of the world through our eyes

I would totally drink through my eyes.

Or maybe just one eye.

Would take shots with an eye dropper. Fuck.

That would be a pretty cool party trick though. If you could chug through your eye/s. Take the bottle with that pointy pouring thing, point it right into your eye and chug away.

What if you would also throw up through your eyes?


That would be slightly freaky. Not sure if you are having an eye-to-eye moment when boom, them barf chunks spewing out at you at rocket speed.

“I condemn thee to be the bottom of every sick bag ever made”

Decreed Juve, the God of Ill-Wishers.

I can see how hatred can be a disease. It creeps into you, you know. Like a bug, a visible bug crawling up your skin and up your veins and puking into your blood and your mind. Covering your eyes with its puke, making you see things that are never there. Entering your ears, pushing words right into your skull. Pushing and cramming the things that were never really there in the first place.


Don’t hate ya’ll.

Or do.

Hate like you have never hated before. Hate like it is the last day of your life.

That is my fav inspirational line. Like it is the last day of your life.

I wonder what I would do on the last day of my life.

Run? Run, just run for those seconds, those minutes those hours. Feel my lungs gasp and my legs giving up. Run and breathe in the air and spit out the spit. And run some more?

Fuck no.

Why you hatin kro? Why you hatin.

Kung Fu Panda is coming back.

Can. Not. Wait.


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