Where we discuss ageing, which is kinda like chess but you don’t have horses and camels so close to each other

Like srsly.

Whoever invented chess didn’t really think about the potential consequences of putting a horse, and elephant and a fukin camel in the same room. Like super close to each other and shit. The horse all trippy and jumping in these real weird directions. The camel looking all shady and moving in tangents. And the elephant, quietly stoned like a motha, just sitting there. Waiting. Boiling in rage. All ready to rush to the side like this and that. Or do a slow waltz with the king.


No so where as I. Ah yes, ageing. It is as inevitable as taking a piss in the morning.No wait, when you get super old they put this wire up your pee-pee and then you piss all the time. True story.

Lets start again. Give it another go shall we?



Whattey anticlimax. Like the anti-orgasm. Fuck. Now thats a concept. The anti-orgasm.

Oh dude, I don’t feel too well at all. Just feeling really, really down for this short burst of time. And then after that, I feel all tense.

Oh dude, you just had an anti-orgasm.


Also what happens to you if you suddenly have the image of  73 year old tortoise genitalia flashed through your head. Boom! You just had an antiorgasm dude.

There is so much fun in opposites. Oh yes there is. Don’t deny it. Oh wait, are you from Opposite World? So when you say yes, you mean no? Don’t answer that. Wait, I am not from OW, so when I say don’t answer it, I mean don’t answer it. Khankee.

Opposite World.

Where people are happy and sad and like to break into random bouts of violence just when things look like they are getting all peaceful.

Wait a minute.

Chal bhai. Tera bahut ho gaya. Nikal patli galli se.

WordPress is wishing me Happy Anniversary it seems. Saale, tera bhi bahut ho gaya.

Kro, when are you going to grow up kro? How long will you continue this juvenile behaviour? Like everyone else, you are also ageing kro. I hope you know that.

Your face.

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