Where the unfortunate stop, and the fortunate die, all because of someone mis-reading the directions


Can you imagine that? Life coming with a set of directions and “how to”‘s and all that? And then someone misreading the directions and pressing left instead of right. And a million people, all of whom ought to have been going to heaven, end up dead.

Boom. Just like that. Cause someone was a little tipsy with the afternoon beer and couldn’t bother to read the frikkin directions.

That would be hilarious as fuck. The shame building up in the Do-ers ears. Shivering and shitting bricks while thinking about the consequences.

What if there were no consequences? None at all. Would you be different? What would you change? Or would you change at all.

Now that is a depressing thought actually. No consequences. I don’t like this lightness that comes with the idea. I would like to believe that there is something meaningful, something deep, something a bit more tangible than a light, airy existence.

Why? So you can put the fart pillow under some poor unsuspecting soul’s bum?

I don’t think ghosts fart. Although, given that they are largely made of air, they should be able to do so quite easily.


Then then what else you did.

Went to Malleshwaram flower market it seems. Whattey beauty it is. Full vegetables and fruits and crafty old women who immediately tripled their rates when they saw a bakra (me).

Also had some jackfruit.

Oh jackfruit, you lovely evil smelling yumminess. I love you like I love peeling off scabs on my skin. Slightly demented yet the cause of so much joy. Jackfruit, with your sickly sweet stench and juicy, fleshy flesh.


Ok thats all folks.


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