Where the world stops and listens, for once

I don’t think that will ever happen. A collective holding of breath, that one single moment where not a single sound is made on the entire planet. You think that would cause some damage if it ever happened? The power of silence?

Bursting ear drums and causing wide-spread insanity. That one moment of pure silence.

Silence, for all its virtuosity, is a fucking dangerous thing. Like a suicidal dog with rabies and nothing left to lose. Fuck. Dogs with nothing left to lose. Those be some dangerous chihuahuas motherfucker.


I was thinking the other day that the most depressing thing to see is a still born idea. Still covered with embryonic fluids and placenta and all that. Just lying there, in white-gloved hands. Dead.

Dead as a motherfucker.

That would be nice tombstone engraving. “Here lies Tom. Dead as a motherfucker”

I am not too sure if 6 feet under got the recognition it deserved. Or maybe that is how fame and adulation is supposed to be. Fleeting. So when you see the same thing now, you wonder why you loved it so much back then.

Now. Then.

I am slowly but surely inching towards that group which does not want to time travel. But then everyone is so bloody indecisive yaar. What to do.

I think it is time to adopt a new strategy, a new plan of action. Make them paradigm shifts and all that.

Power extreme!

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2 Responses to Where the world stops and listens, for once

  1. meg says:

    Good to see you are still going strong on the random ranting that opens up a world of “youre blowing my mind” to me. and good to see that i can still relate.

    Silence – check
    Still born idea – check

    interesting to see, however, that i’m no longer listed in the list of the honourable mentions in the list column where you list stuff. even though i haven’t written in a decade. still. *eeks*

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