Where the tables are short and sweet, made especially for hungry dwarves with a sweet tooth

You know. Cause once the meal is over, they can just eat the table.

Edible furniture bitches!

That is the future I swear you gaiz.

Consume consume everything you see. Stuff it into your greedy, fat mouth. Stuff it in till you are choking and choking and your insides are bursting but you are still so hungry. So very hungry. Cause you want more and more and then some more again. Wherever you look with your greedy little eyes, wanting and craving and lusting.

Okay, shit suddenly got serious.

What just happened there.

If my head had a referee, the fucker would be super busy all the time. Always jutting in, making sure that there is peace between the fighters. Make sure no one is knocking the other in their nads when they think no one is looking.


A referee for split personalities. Like a third personality, except this one is actually neutral.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

My referee would totally be like the WWE ones, conveniently looking the other way so that the guy can sneak in and smash a chair into the other guy’s face. Distracted by the hot chick or arguing with the sidekick or some shit like that. Getting all excited to count the one, two – oh wait, his hand is up. He is not down yet. Not yet. And the crowd goes wild.



Aur kya ho rela hai beedu?

So it looks like a longish bike ride is in the making. It all really depends on the condition of the bike actually. Poor thing has been with the mechs longer than she has been with me. But there is hope cause I will soon be getting the new parts and hopefully everything will turn out just fine.

I some times think that planning the ride is more exciting than the ride itself. Cause you go through google maps a thousand times and you plan out where you gonna stop and when you gonna take a break. And then you start making a list of all the things you are going to carry and whether you should take this or that or just let it be.

Yeah, I could travel for a while I think. Just ride from here to there and then go from there to there and then there again. The roads are inviting. They are just so inviting.


So Movenpick is in town it seems. So yummy ya but so expensive ya. Like edible diamonds bitches.

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