Where we say hello to the chudails and the gone-cases; a merry group of the permanently inebriated and partially partial

Hi chudails!

Chudail is my new fav word. Like totally. Like if i had to choose just one word to save from the entire vocabulary that is floating in my head at any point of time, chudail would be it. So spicy, so dirty that word is. So full sexy and all.


Hi Chudails.

Fuck. That would be an awesome opening line for a teacher walking into class. A teacher for moral science (that is rather ambiguous no?) or some shit like that. Walking in, with the attendance register under her arm. Slamming it down, turning to the class (full standing after saying good afternoooooon maaaaam). Smiling at the standing kids (even little Monty who is clearly digging out his chuddis from his shorts) and then saying,



I think I will make it my standing starting line. Like replace the “nice to meet you” with “hi chudail”

Adds a certain degree of intimacy, of honesty as well me thinks.


Then then what else you did it seems.

Long weekend is coming up it seems. Making full plans to go here and there. Means rubbish will happen and I will probably end up doing nothing. Or naah.

I was thinking I should learn how to fly. And no not in the Kurt Kobain stream of thought. But like full proper fly fly. Like become one full pilot it seems. But then it turns out you have to study physics (ugh) and some dirty shit like that and my mind went like “no, no no no no”

Said the way that character in Small Wonder said it. Was it harriet? Shit, did Jamie eventually respond to Harriet? Did they go out or was it all left hanging (like your dick? – Ed)


Ed’s a fucker. Really fucked up in the head as well.


Meet my split personality, Ed. Ed, meet the rest of the world

“Hi Ed!”

“Hi chudails!”


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