Where the horse begins to write, a slow process involving a number of smashed typewriters

I am not sure if horses would make good writers. I mean perhaps they would have some interesting stories to tell but I am not sure how expressive they would be. And also whether they would be comfortable sharing these stories. They come across as slightly introverted chaps, these horses.

Plus, a lot of money would go into repairing the typewriters.

Fuck, can you imagine that. A horse sitting on a chair, typing away at the typewriters. Pausing every now and then to nudge the roll back into place with his mouth. CLINK.

Lot of scope for damage it seems.

Oh it seems. Where have you been all my life. Why are you so naughty and yummy at the same time. It seems. Fuck.

So yummy it seems is.


So the search for the perfect dog has now moved from whippet to karvani or mudhol hound territory. But both require a lot of exercise and open spaces. Not happening. So now it is going back to mongrel or whippet. But then even whippets require running space so perhaps it is going to be mongrel. Mutt.

Will call him Morsel.

I think morsel is a good name for a dog.

Especially in south korea.

Race-joke of the day – Check.


Realised that drunk weeknights are not a smart idea. The next day is just so not worth it. So not worth it.

Mat karo yaar. Save the bevda-giri for the weekends only.

Ooooooo ooo went to this place called Chandu’s Deluxe (right opposite Chandus Old) and it was super duper man. One of those places where you pay for the booze before its served to you. And there is one guy who takes your booze order and the other who takes your food order. And you have to pay for the plastic glasses as well. And they serve the most heavenly chicken kebab on this planet. Like the outer crisp layer has some real flavour so you don’t just go crunch crunch but you also go yumm yumm as well.

So garam garam and crunchy crunchy. And because its on the top floor, there is a nice ambient feel to the entire place. In fact, one of the sides looks into this office building. Can you imagine those fuckers state of mind. Typing out excel sheets while staring at the drunk fuckers getting plastered.

Also, Chandu’s deluxe serves one of the finest fried rices I have ever had. Means like that proper street food type with capsicum and masala and carrots and random pieces of egg and chicken. AND its served with this delicious thick curry so that you eat the rice like you would biryani. Ooooo and and and they serve this “gala saaf” rasam that is to die for. I shitz you not. All hot and peppery and goes rumbling down your tummy.

Wah ustad. Nahi nahi, wah chandu.

Have to go there again and get properly plastered.

But not on a weekday.

Nahi yaar. Not worth it yaar.

Chandus Deluxe it seems.


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