Where we gain perception, the unnerving ability to see things for what they are

I suppose that is one way to measure the life that you have lived. To see how and whether your perceptions have changed and waned over the years. It is a fascinating is, this perception business, something so ethereal yet based so groundedly on our life’s experiences.

You could argue that an unchanged perception is a sign of a confident mind, of a strong, unshakeable belief.

Or is it a reflection of an unexciting existence? A life full of untasted foods and unheard songs?

I would like to think that perceptions can change, if ever so slowly. I would like to believe that they can be moulded and shaped, the wet hands shaping the clay into a yet-to-be discovered “thing”.

Would it be better if perception is like the clay that is always wet, always amenable and open to the skilful hand?


Everyone should try pottery, at least once. Such a warm joy of shaping and cutting and dipping your hands in the bowl of water, and cutting around the clay with your fingers.

Everyone except Hulk.

Hulk would just be like “Hulk smash!”

End of pottery barn. Boom.



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