Where two become one

Set your spirit free.

Its the only way to be.

Need someone like I never needed one before.

Where two become wooo-ooo-n.

Spice Girls be the bitches ya’all.


Spice Girls.

If I was forced to dance in a ballet, I would totally choose a Spice Girls song. Prancing around, doing the hopping thing.


Kill me.

Just fucking kill me.


So got this message in the middle of the night – “God gifted me a girl baby”.

And it was from an unknown number.

Not cool dude. Not cool.

Chal chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya.


I wonder if there is a form of tourettes where you break into random songs from the past. Just totally random. Like you are standing at the ice cream counter, and the dude is like “cone ya cup” and you just go, “Born in the USA…I was born in the USA!”

Hmmm. Human communication is pretty radical if you think about it. I mean what are the odds that two, separate individuals are able to emit the same (or similar) vibrations from an orifice somewhere on their face. And be understood.

Wah wah. No no wah ustad.

I fucking love that add. The old one, with Zakhir going all mental on the tablas. Like ape-shit.


I wonder what happened to Ariel. You know the chick from ninja mutant ninja turtles. I think that was the first and last comic series I tried to follow in print. But it got too dark and then I couldn’t afford the light bills anymore.


Oh dear I am on a roll.  A kathi roll you say?


Brutus is so totally back it aint funny. Like shiny shiny and all geared up to just go. Took her out for a quick spin the other day and nearly wept. Oh my sweet prasadam. So delicious she is ya.


Tera naam to bata, tera naam to battaaaa.

Lal dupatte waali tera naam to bata.

Tein tein tein.


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