Where we steal little bits of time, clutching them tightly as we run along the river bank and laughing like sea lions

Sea lions. You know how they laugh or make those ow ow sounds. Like that.

Laughing like mental sea lions and running along the river on that tiny path which probably leads up to nowhere. Clutching those pieces of time in our hands, ever so tightly to make sure none of it is dropped along the way.

And then when we reach where we were meant to reach, we light the fire that was never meant to burn out and open our hands and let the pieces of time rise and fly towards the blue. And we watch with our mouths open because there has never been anything this beautiful and as touching and as magical as this ever before. And there never will be.


Quietly stole off from “office” and went and had me a couple of beers at toit. Quite nice and afterwards went and belted a couple of egg puffs.  Thought it was quite a wonderful way to pass the time.

Tintin toit it seems. Light, lighter than their weise beer but found it too light. Like no flavour only.


(One of) the problems with e-communication is that you really lose out on stuff like tone and voice modulation and stuff like that. Leaves so much space for ambiguity and misunderstanding. I don’t really like it too much.


Am wondering whether I should do the Arunachal bike ride thing or not. I mean if you rationally think about it, it is not the smartest thing to do, a thousand things could go wrong and there is more than a little chance that you will end up hurting yourself.

On the flip side…….


I think babies learn to speak far earlier than is presumed. They just continue to say random shit because it is so much fukin fun.

Bhwasa moka racha la?

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