Where we dine in round circles, deftly stealing little portions from our neighbour’s plates

As a concept, a friendship between serial backstabbers fascinates me no end. What happens to a relationship built of mistrust and hate? Or can you call it a relationship at all? Are relationships only sugar and spice and all things nice? Surely you can have a different kind as well. A poisonous, venomous kind that seeps through your fingernails in a million needles and then runs through your blood and into your skull. Hammering and chipping away at the love and the hope.



Went and saw The World’s End. Or rather, stayed at home and watched it. Quite liked it. Has such a silly vibe to it all. And then also saw “Two Lovers” and was all like boo hoo cause Palthro totally screwed him over and he is also one shitpot only cause he was totally two timing that cute jewish chick.



What else what else. Ate at this sandwich stall where the guy would shake his head every time he put the butter and the chutney on the bread. Gentle shake and sprinkle the salt on the aloo. Another wave of the head as the tomato was sliced. And one more while knifing some butter and some more chutney on top of the bread. Covering it with some sev and then sliding the newspaper onto a red, plastic plate.

He also had this a-grade garlic chutney thing going on. I mean that stuff was toxic. Bright red like a wasp and as potent. Amen! My lower half gonna be feeling the burn tomo morning. I say it gonna be feeling the burn.

What was the cartoon character again. That big rooster. Oh ya this one –



What a guy.


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