Where the more things change, the more impatient the shopkeeper becomes


Impatient shopkeeper. Cause Things keeps changing, and trying out new clothes.

And the shopkeeper is like, “Kya chutiya hai. Sala, won’t buy anything even”


“Kaha” is the laughter of  those who have been trained in the secret martial arts of Kahate.

It takes years and years of training to master Kahate, or actually come close to mastering Kahate. For it is written in the ancient scrolls of Kahatu (the sacred text from where Kahate was discovered) that one can only come close to Master but never Master(bate).



I would make a fukawesome chinese martial arts warrior. Like Kung Fu Panda but even more awesome. Kaha!-ing all over the place like a “special” child on a sugar high. Kaha! Kaha! Kahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (the last one is what I would sound like after I was thrown into the well by a group of villagers – those bastards will pay)

KaaaHA –


Fuck. If I was a child, I would be so fucking annoying it aint funny. Like even now, sometimes I can see the intense (super intense) glimpses of irritation in my peeps faces. Just flashes of intense irritation but is most definitely there.

Fuck that shit.

I want to do some Kahate right now.

Maybe I should practice on this table.




Took me lovely Brutus out for a ride today and she loves me like I loves her. I tells you dear sweet Brutus of mine. Haven’t had the time to see her in months time and all I have to do is sit down and kick the starter (a couple of times) and tell her I missed her and broom broom thud thud thud she starts to life. Oh Brutus, you are one after my heart only.


There is this super sexy awesome oh my gaaawd Yezdi Road King that is up for sale and you have to hear the thing. Oh my sweet Kahatu! Smoke sputtering out in all its two-stroked glory, kicking and panting and going all “grrrrrrrr” like only a two-stroke can.

Means rather it is tempting. Lettuce see.

Just when my imagination had convinced me that the Tiger XC was the bike to lust for, along comes the Yezdi.

Ok. Time for sleepy sleep.

But first.

Some Kahaaate.


Oooooo and How to Train your Dragon Part 2 means is coming out tomorrow!!!! Saaax bolo saax.

bolo tarrra taarra. Like Daler Mahendi ya’all

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3 Responses to Where the more things change, the more impatient the shopkeeper becomes

  1. Sroyon says:

    Wikipedia says “The Yezdi Roadking was the successor of the not-too-successful Yezdi OilKing.”

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