Where we question the Rules; those stubborn old bastards with stoney faces

Standing in this one long, long line. Rule 1, Rule 2 and so on and so forth.

Just looking at you and not even blinking. Even as you yell and scream and shout and question the reason behind their existence. As you try to shift their shape and bend their bodies and try to mould them according to your needs.

And some of them remain the same. Unmoving, untouched and unemotional whilst others smile and slobber and twist and turn according to your wishes.

Wonder if a Rule ever faces an existential crisis. “What am I doing here?” “Where did I come from” “Meri maa kidhar hai?” and so on and so forth.

Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

That is my latest way of online laughing. It now officially replaces the “bwahahahahhaha” for a number of reasons. The “hyuk hyuk” is far more creepy and also is kinda like that sound that Popeye makes. Sort of.

Hyuk hyuk

I have decided that the next to next time I visit Bangalore, I am taking Brutus back. Means pukka. Enough of making her just stand their all alone, covered in that dirty cover and just standing there, totally ignored and neglected. Poor Brutus.

Tension mat le Brutus, mein aayega. Mein aa rela hai.


It is amazing how things just move on. They just do. Life and death grows and moves past you and through you and just…moves on. Almost as if the world around us is a river. We all be living in a river ya’all.

Ghetto Philospher in da house bitches. Putcho hands in the air, and wave ’em like the dandelions in the field, bitches.




I cried.




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