Where the pigeons are stoned, a bloody sputtering mess of torn feathers and hi pitched coo-cooing

Goddam pigeons. Let’s stone ’em all.

I wonder when we are going to start turning our rage towards animals. Animalism. The inexplicable but powerful hatred towards animals that do not fit within a prescribed social, physical or cultural setting.


What an animalist ya.


The rather means particular the Daalhi is so effin hot, part of my brain just gave up yesterday. Like just crossed its arms, sat down and said, “fuck this shit” and then went off to sleep.

Too garam ya, mera bhrastachaar ho re la hai.



Watched City Lights and the only thing I would like to say is, “Damn, bitch. You never gonna find those eyebrows in no village. Them brows be sculpted ya’all”

Ya. I am super ghetto in my head. Also came across the song, boss ass bitch. Total doing the radio replay in my head. Bitch bitch bitch. Immma boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch.

Shake your bum. You know you want to.


Oooo then went to this place called Guppi by ai and it was so magnificent ya. Like such cute cute paintings on the wall and the decor was so tastefully done ya. I toh just fell in love with it only.


The best dish I had was the pork belly thing. Oh my dear, dear Jesus. That was some hallelujah happening over that dish, I tells you. Slightly, slightly crunchy skin and then you bite into the soft, oh dear could it get any softer (thats what she said), soft flesh and go all “yababdada doooooo” And I liked that sticky sweet sauce that the meat was coated with.



Coming back to City Lights. Painfully slow I thought and some of the slo-mo scenes were utterly redundant. I think it got fucked in the editing department which is kinda sad cause I quite like that fellow. The chicita is okay okay although there is this one scene where she is made to dance and smile and is like totally crying in the inside. That was quite nice. But then you could also argue that it shows the city as this cruel, unforgiving and ,untrustworthy space while in the rural heartland all you do is cycle through fields, have soft touchy touchy sex and throw your kid in the air. In slow motion.

Potential was there but put off to waste.


I would make a fucking amazing Pac Man. I swear. Just walking down here and there, going pkkkkkk pk pkplpl and gulping those little dots. And once I got those special powers, all those ghost like things would be going all “aiiiiiiiiiiii”.

I would fuckin hunt them down.



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