Where the people we meet add up. Numbers and memories floating in the sea of your consciousness

I like the whole idea of floating. Just floating.

I would make an awesome floater. For shizzles ya’all. Like in a space movie, I would be the fuckin perfect extra. For the guy who falls out of the spaceship and then just floats around. Fuck. I would pull that off with so much awesomeness it aint funny.


I was thinking about the people we meet and the faces we see and the stories we hear. Met a wonderfully pervie monkey today and laughed and laughed till the tears started showing up.

Also belted me some beef wrapped in bacon and stuffed with ham and cheese. Smothered and dunked in this garlicky sauce that just went so well with the mashed potatoes.

All in this little place cottage housing a restaurant called Wild Side Cafe. Worth a visit but nothing fantabulous.

Say what you want about Bandra babes and Bandra boys, the area does hold a decent amount of charm.

Speaking of which, also went and floated through Worli koliwada which is this urban village right by the sea. And there is this giant fort that you can see from the sea link and I had always wanted to go there. And so I did. And we crawled through the narrow streets and past people’s homes and temples and churches. We walked and talked and ate gobi manchurian in pao and talked some more.

There was this one house that was right next to the sea. And there were steps leading to the shore. It was filthy but so pretty right at the same time.

And there was this one place where you could see all the boats floating in the sea. Being held in place by a benign monster holding a rope somewhere on the bottom of the ocean. It was fuckin beautiful.

Have begun clanging on the ole typewriter once again and you really have to keep at it if you want to get any good. Fucking typos all over the place and don’t even get me started on the line spacing.

I wonder how they made tables and diagrams and shit.

Do you sometimes think the past is hidden by this thin, thin curtain? Right in front of you (or perhaps behind your back). And if you just peel it, just tug it a little, you can see into the past?

And the same for the future. Right in front of you. It is right there.

Linear thinking. I think that is a big issue. I mean my brain works in linear by default and I don’t particularly like that. I would rather be doing the samba samba rather than the german waltz if you know what I mean.

Samba. Samba. Shakeyittie shake-itti. Dooopooo deeepo dooopo.


all songs should end with those cymbal thingies just being belted against each other. Like a proper thamaaaar. And then the cymbal guy sitting down, looking at the audience. Pleased as punch.


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