Where Darkness descends, an obese super-fatty who communicates in belches and burps

Super-fatties. Where the fat hangs over the pant, like falls down in folds and stuff. And if you wanna take a peek at your pee-pee, you have to hold the paunch with both hands and try and shift it to the side (eventually giving up)

Where the wrinkles on the thighs shake and quiver with every step. Ripples running right up till the bum. Rippling.

Shaking. Shivering.




“FTW” is also, coincidentally, the slogan for both EmoPeeps International and the National Congress of Nymphomaniacs.

How odd.


Is back in the means rather the city of dreams and it is so fucking hot yaa. Like can’t we just have an ac along with us all the time ya? I come out of the shower and I have my herbal tea and am sweating again ya. What the eff.


Have discovered another way to really enjoy food is to chew it. Slowly. Bit by bit and taste it. And I mean really taste it.


I am quite sure the first time a desi heard some jap say the words, “sai yo naara” he looked down at his pyjamas and wondered what the fuck he was talking about.

Inside joke.

Deep inside.

Like inside inside only.

Brought me some naariyal paani in the morning. Whattey drink. And then brought another one and will keep it in the fridge and sneak it out in the evening and have it with the malai.


Everyone has their secret websites. The one they sneak on in the middle of the day. To kill the time (such a violent phrase) or just to take a break.

Mine is erail.in. Type in random stations and look at the list of trains that pops up. Imagine which train would be the most convenient and then look at the list of stations on the way.

Whattey timepass.



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