Where we sit down in circles and clap our hands mindlessly, convinced that salvation lies at the bottom of a clap

You know. Like the very bottom of that “clap” sound.

Ever wondered whether you could travel through sound? Jump from one wave to another, across pitches and be surrounded by darkness when you have reached the very, very bottom?

Means full bullshit he is taaa-keeng. Foolish fellow.


I was also thinking about sex souls. Like whenever two (or more) people have sex, their “sex souls” are released into the atmosphere. And these sex souls float from here to there, barely noticeable except for the occasional orgasmic “oh”. And they float and float and eventually evaporate into nothingness.

But they are there.

Sex souls it seems. Eh you fellow, been drinking whiskey water aaaah?


Went to my personal favouritest bar in Blore, the “new” diplomat bar and restaurant. Whattey full sexy place it has become now. They are really taking the “new” bit quite seriously. But full atmosphere mucha. Means god swear only. And then there is one more bar that has opened up somewhere in Guttehalli called Northern Wind (i swear to jesus) and that has supposedly got some sexy butter chicken. Ayyo butter chicken. With tender, hot nan. Juicy chunks of chicken full belting.

Kya be. Waaant sense go to wikipedia I saw.


I was thinking that one of my problems with time is that it is difficult to see or capture. Has this slightly shifty characteristic that often makes it difficult to spot. And then I was just looking out of the bus one day and I was looking at these new new houses in Shivajinagar and how they are stuck side to side with these old, sloping rooftops of Old Bangalore Houses.

You can see time actually. You can see it on the new wrinkles of your old shopkeeper. In the grey hair of the guy who hands you the egg puff. You can see time in the freshly painted walls lying so close to the forgotten homes.

I wonder if you could capture time though. Like put it in some kind of box and carry it with you wherever you went. Take a peek at it, just to reassure yourself that you have actually managed to capture It.

I wonder what you would do with Time if you could own a little bit of it. Could you own all of it?


I went and had me some masala dosa at Konark Hotel and I nicely ogled at the Triumph Bonni (its 7 lakhs man. seven fucking lakhs yaar. kahan se so much money I will ever get?)

Beautiful piece though. Nice, relaxed lines.

Anyway, thats all the time we have for folks.

Remember, there is no such thing as too much cheese.


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