Where the funnies are in my head, an overflowing collection of insanely comical images juxtaposed with the wails of dying women

First time I ever used the word juxtaposed. Man, now that is a word that comes with some serious baggage.


So I was imagining someone dancing to yeh jawaani hai deewani in this real jerky kinda way. Like total spazoidal shit going on and then everyone else was doing the waltz coz the song was only actually playing in the spaz’s head.

Hai hai. Gilli gilli apppa. Gilli gilli gilli.

Rukh jao raani.

hey hey!


Whattey song that is.


So reading this book called zero degrees written by some madrasi fellow and it is rather means the interesting. Have not understood a lot of it but there is this one “story” which is actually two stories going on side by side. Like one sentence will be of Story A and the following sentence will be of Story B and it just goes on and on. What a beautiful concept though.

Cause that is the way words flow sometimes you know. Hop and skip from one river to another, to another. And all the rivers continue to flow on. Some may meet while others do not.

Beautiful concept though.

So much to learn ya. It is like being a nangu pangu diaper wearing toddler all over again.

Finished off this Hemingway book and the man’s sentences are like full proper slaps on the face. Full-on wonly. Saala, words that are cut with some sort of rough, blunt knife. Not carved out of stone or marble but hacked out of the earth, snatched.

Cheh. Full hero it seems he was.


What is your mobile number? What is your style number?

Today I am going to pretend to have a gun in ma pocket.

If ya know what I mean.

No, that is not what I meant.

Thooooo. You are full-on one disgusting fellow.


Zero Degrees – you should check it out yaaar.


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