The 5 am questions

1. Is “ass” the only part of the human body that is named after an animal?

2. Why is goat shit round?

Because being mutilated by mosquitoes is not enough.

I have a very love-hate thing going on with my head right now.

Very. Love. Hate.

My mind is like a tape recorder that blares out “what is your style number” when I am meditating on some remote mountain hill in the middle of nowhere.

Fuck. Tape recorders. Haven’t seen one for ages yaar.

What are you saying. Pencil-rewind you have not done aah?



Spotted this old, old LP player and I am not sure whether it is in working condition but plans are on to “borrow” it for an indefinite period. Secretly buy LPs from here and there and play them in the evenings and be all artistic and shit.

I am more and more convinced that time travel is a very real possibility. It requires strong beliefs and a stronger conviction but it is indeed possible. Trust me.

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