Kuch na kaho

Kuch bhi na kaho. Kya sunna hai………..samay ka ye pal……hum saa gaya hai.

Whattey fuckall song I says. Earworm it has become.

That and that Anil Kapoor humping his pillow in joy song, ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga. That song would be damn funny if said with a bombay ghati accent. “Ek ladki ko dekhaye, aayyysa lagale….” and so on and so forth.

I will henceforth only respond to the name, “k-bootar”, like kabootar but without the “a” after the “k”. I is now officially Kay-booter. Bitches.

Resolving something in your head is something of a dangerous ploy cause it might be so in your head but then reality will be all like, “Whatcha gonna do about it.” and then your head can either delve even deeper into the magical world of the imagined or come crashing down and rant and scream at Reality before finally accepting, finally relenting. On its knees (wait a minute).

Kay-boooter. That’s my name. Say my name.


Went off and did some saaxy mexican food cooking over the weekend. Was a decent amount of fun and even though I did not do any cooking-cooking (I was given the retarded tasks like cleaning up and washing the dishes), I thought it was a decent way to spend the day. Sour cream and crunchy lettuce dropped into tacos and filled with crunchy peppers and this and that. And freshly made guacamole tasting all sexy and different with just a bite of onion and some cut tomatoes.

Kya baat hai.

Also went off and say Aankho Dekhi and even though I did not quite understand it, I did like it. A lot. There was something in the movie that was so real but still illusory if you know what I mean. As if you were looking at things through the sheerest of curtains or something.

Full sexy.

Then then, what you did.

Fork tales. Where Spoon fights the evil (and slightly blunt) Knife and is killed in battle. Which is where our Hero, Fork, comes into the picture. Born of a horribly drunken “accident” involving a metal plate and three knives, Fork is shunned by the Plates and the Cutlery, hurling through existence as a refuge. An old china Spoon takes pity on Fork and takes Fork under his wings. And teaches Fork kung-fu.


Shit man. I think you can make any story cool by just teaching any of the characters some kung fu. And so the Ugly Duckling, left all alone, went and rented some ninja videos. And learnt kung fu!


And Cindrella was all like “Kheee ya!!” cause she had learnt kung fu.

etc etc.

Oh “etc”. Did I ever tell you I love you so. You make things so easy for me when I can’t find the words. And you save so much of my time that would have otherwise been spent on giving examples.

I am, almost certainly, going nuts.

etc etc.

Pyjama phaar doonga. Dekh liyo.

Fork you.


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2 Responses to Kuch na kaho

  1. prajwalika says:

    “tham sa gaya hai” as in “halted”. what is “hum sa gaya hai”? it has become like you? 😛

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