Where we rebel in silence and filled stomachs, stuffing our faces with cheesey burgers and apple strudel

Hmmmmmm, Apple strooooodel.

I was just thinking the other day that I am a sum of numbers. Or rather seconds and minutes, days and weeks, and months and years. And I was wondering what would happen if you could subtract something from who you are, perhaps a week here or a day there. Perhaps just five minutes from ten years ago.

Fucking amazing how a second can last so fucking long.


Kya cool hai hum.


So I really need to start observing people who have sane conversations and then do the cut paste thing. The reason behind this was a recent conversation that went something like this:

“You know, I always put the light on when i use the loo”

Confused Person: Oh yeah…..(very non-committal)

“Yeah, I live in mortal fear of the Poo Monster”

CP: What? (trying to pretend not to understand what I said)

“You know, the poo monster? Have you not heard of the poo monster?”

CP: Pretends to get a call. Walks away.


Evidently, not too many people are aware of the Poo Monster. Which is sad because i think this belief makes going to the loo quite an interesting experience. Especially those seconds where your chaddis are off and you about to sit down.

Those seconds.

Never a dull moment.



What would you do if you could live on the sun? Or if you could hop from one planet to another? Would you like to hold a star in your hands? Cradle it and rub it against your skin?


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