Where the Pervies enter the brain. And stay there. Forever.

Seriously man.

Went to the ATM machine to check my savings and the machine is like, “Make sure it was inserted properly”

And I am like muaghahahahahahghaghaghahghahgahgahha.


And then there was something else, something happened and someone said something and I was like ghahahahahahahahaha.

I think the lines above are an apt summary of a disturbingly large part of my existence.


Midnight calls are such a stupid joy. Scattered words topped with a tiny dollop of shy smiles. Discovering someone is like reading a book that you may or may not have read before. In a language that you may or may not have learnt.

I like the way the words hang in the air, just hang there. Waiting to be called out, impatiently floating in the air. And when they are used, they rush out and do their stupid dance together. Drunk strangers dancing to a song only they can hear.

It is important to believe in a world that only few can see. Important to believe that you, and just a few others have the power to look through the veil, into places that only you can go to and smell colours that only you can smell and touch worlds that only you can touch.


Went and picked up Brutus from the mechs (seems like that is the only route she does nowadays) and she is totally primed for a nice ride. Am thinking of heading to some old towns with ancient temples. Or maybe up some curvy hills where the roads turn and twist and take you up and then bring you back down.

So many places baba. So little time.



Am prepping for a dinner at a fancy place tonight. Things are not going too well. Just discovered a number of stains (fuck you, its probably food) on the shirt. My jeans smell (bad) and I just stuffed face with a million mooli paranthas.

But its cool coz I am charming like that. Plus I got me some sexy shoes. Forclaz 500 bitches. All tough and macho and shit. Imma gonna hike it baby. Oh hike it. HIKE IT!!!!

And the Pervies make their return once again. Bastards never go too far away I have noticed.


Let me tell you a story about a goat. The goat was born in a small village and the goat was very happy. The goat loved to eat berries and would always wait for the summers when the blue and the red berries would be readily available. Then one day the goat ate a purple berry and forgot about the blue and the red berries. And the blue and the red berries did not give a fuck.

Analyse THIS motherfuckers!

Chal be. Kuch bhi.


I really want to buy a scooter. One of those bajaj ones. Did I ever tell you that I was offered one of those for 7,000 bucks in Delhi? Fuckin thing must have been some 15 years old but oh dear lord. You could see the beauty in that beast if you know what I mean. All round round curves and naughty (but tiny) wheels and the simplest dials in the whole wide world.

Should buy two of those. Ride down the road screaming Humara bajaj. Bajaj. Humaaaarraaa bajaaaaaj.


Then then what else? Chalo am going off now.

Ohhhh wait wait wait.

I went to this place in Banaswadi which serves something called Bangarpet chaat and the fucking thing was amazing. Completely alien kind of chaat with paani puri where the paani was completely transparent but what fuckin taste man!! Ginger and garlic and chillies. Fuckin a-grade stuff. And the chaat also had these boiled masala chanas smothered with crunchy nippat and sev and bhujia and all these unhealthy things. Served to you in a cup with a plastic spoon.

a fukin grade stuff. I swear to God. I still be having dreams about that paani.

Hai hai.

Hai huku hai huku hai hai.

Refer below:



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