Where we push and waddle, content hippos passing a joint and shaking their bellies in the sun

Waddle waddle. Cause that is what hippos do. Waddle here and waddle there.

So porkies, what is the up?

Went for a killer road trip and it was just so so so so much fun. It is difficult to describe what draws me to the open road but it is one fucking strong connection ya’ll. Start the engine and rev it a bit in the cold morning, spit out of the city and avoid the traffic. Hit the highways and the curvy roads and those small, tiny, gentle lanes which go from here to there. Stop on the side of the road, pull it over the gravel and sit and sip chai and watch the cars and trucks whizz by every once in a while.

And the portions where you have the sea by your side – full killer. Cause you can look at the road ahead but then your eyes are full seduced to look to the side and you glance out of the open window and the waves crash into your ears. So you stop some more cause you have nowhere to go and all the time in the world. And you put your feet into the sand and stare at the sea some more. You drink in the breeze and the wind and the cool shade of the palm trees and you smile.

You smile.

Cause that is what a road trip is all about.


So went to a marriage to Vizag (which is where the road trip bit comes in) and it was super awesome. Just full chilling and drinking and partying the night away. It was beautiful cause the we were put up in this resort place and we didn’t attend any of the functions and were complete wastrels. And the bride was the coolest bride ever and was all like, “I want you fuckers to be happy” before passing a big fat packet of the finest weed grown in Araku valley.

Fucked my phone though. Pool party meant that being thrown in was inevitable. Funny part is that I had the presence of mind to remove my shoes before being chucked in. When the fuckers started nudging me towards the pool I was all like, “Wait wait. Let me remove my shoes first”

Didn’t bother thinking about the phone in me pocket though.

Shit man. Full pocket is going to suffer because of that.

Anyway it is all cool. Cause I went to this place called Rajamundhry and heard the sweetest Telugu I have ever heard (I swear it sounds like poetry) and I ate this super sexy gongura mutton and this jackfruit biryani was one of the top 5 things I have ever eaten. Oh that biryani/pulao thing was fucking heavenly. Mildly spiced and just drawing, no forcing your attention to it.

It was beautiful. Cause we sat in these long rows and the people just kept bring us more and more food and soon we were the only bastards on the long table and the food just kept on coming.

Of course, the aunties were full giving us disapproving looks (we were higher than fuck) but kya kare bhai. Jab jeeena hai to tashan mien jiyo yes?


I like the fact that ugliness is just below the skin of most things around us. It all needs a little bit of scratching, just a little bit. Pull back the skin, peel off the toe nails and you will stare at the blood and mucus and pus and all things which smell like bloody stools.

It is just there, you know. Just right there. You can see it too if you want to. Close your eyes and poke your eyelids with your nails. Poke it so that it hurts a little bit and then poke it some more.

What shit kro. Sala aaj kal bahut time pass karta hain it seeeems.

It sims only.


Brought me some more books (I really don’t know why) and there is this one collection of erotica written by this chick called Anais Nin. The collection is called “Little Birds” and is probably the first erotica I will read. Unless Lolita counts. That book totally fucked my head though.

The other acquisitions are an Updike, a Steinbeck  (fuck I love those guys). And there is some Sri Lankan fellow and some Indian chap and I am going to read the pages and I am going to hear the swirl and twirl of the page as I turn them. And I am going to breathe that smell that pages carry with them all the time. You know, that papery smell.


See and hear this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiKj0Z_Xnjc&feature=share

Who knows what it means but it sure has this really catchy beat na?


Am going for a themed new years party. The theme is retro and I am going like an amoeba. Full white chaddar with mitochondria drawn on it and shit.

I am sexy and I know it.



Also – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pKrVB5f2W0&feature=share


Same fucker. Killer beats ya.

Have a killer new years porkies. Remember, if you can’t chase your dreams you can’t live.

Chase them fuckers. Chase and hunt ’em down.




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