Where the performance is watched from the very corner of the eyes, with a mixture of shame, curiosity and above all else, jealousy

I wonder what my thought bubbles would say if I went to a male strip club. Would those bubbles be all like, “yuk yuk yuk” or something like, “Hmmm, that guy would make a good Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle”

Or would it be something completely unexpected.

Got myself a shave and a massage down at the local salon and the guy made this real weird noise during the session. It was a porno “issss” if you know what I mean. You know, the “isss” the chick makes in between a blow job (as if that magically turns her on or some shit). Its a very distinct sound, that “isss” and pretty hard to forget. I really think there is some porno school somewhere where shit like this is taught.

Anyway, so in completely random moments during the massage, the guy would suddenly break into the “isss” and I would be like wtf is going on. And plus, because my specs were removed, I was seeing full blurry shit. But it was all cool and the guy totally pounded (errr) my head and all.



I really wish we could discuss porno a lot more openly then we currently do. Fuck actually perhaps not. Don’t want to be sitting down for dinner with the grandparents and they suddenly asking me, “So pota is that 60s siren Sonia Skirt still alive? Can you google it?” or some shit like that.


Its kinda like that noise you make when you touch something that is either too cold or too hot. Or eat something spicy. “Isssss”


Sala I booked off a ticket in a garib rath and apparently they do not give bedding (or you have to stand in some line to get it or something like that). So am thinking I will take my own stuff along but that would be such a gigantic waste of space.

For all the train travelling done, I am pretty pathetic at arranging the bedding. That second bed sheet invariably ends up under my pillow and the first one never ever ever stays in one place by morning.


So the Sister brought a Foucalt and I am pretty sure she did it to pretty up her bookshelf. Anyway its on crime and torture and is actually pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind being French provided I got to smoke those stinky cigarettes and wear a hat. And be all romantic and shit. “Ohh mon ami, ze wind eeen yor ‘air makez yu loook like a dawl”


Dhoom 3 has been released baby. Time to check it out babies!

Dhoom machade!

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