Where the goats wait patiently, quite content to do nothing but munch on grass and shit little, round pebbles

That is one of the (many) reasons I distrust goats. Their shit looks like pebbles.

If you are going to be judgmental then, I think, the size and shape of your doo-doo is definitely a ground for discrimination. 


I think a parent coined that term. Frustrated with his kid failing to shit, always having to hold his hand while the kid sat on the pot, elbows resting on the knees. 

“Just do it, already you fuckin dumb kid”, thinks the parent.

Just dooooooo doooo dooooo it.

And that is how doo doo came to be.



Oh I went to to (adlabs) Imagica the other day. Full sexy man. Went on this roller coaster and that roller coaster and got slightly dizzy and did all stupid things and shit. It was a lot and lot of fun. 

There was this one ride called the Scream Machine and it is this round thing where you sit and then the thing swings like a pendulum and takes you up, up, up in the air and then swooshes down and goes up, up, up in the other direction. And because it was early evening by the time we took the ride, it was all sun-sety and you from way up above you could see so many things. And when the thing came crashing down, it looked like your feet would crash into the ground and so you would pull them up and scream like a demented spaz. 




Got myself invited to a “wear a fancy-dress” type party and I am wondering what the fuck should I do about it. I really, really really wanted to go dressed like a dragon or a giant gorilla or something like that. But I don’t think thats gonna work out. Plus I am presuming its really hard to drive while wearing a gorilla suit.

Fuck. That should be on my to-do list.

Just driving around town. Dressed like a gorilla. Putting me elbows outta the window (mumbai cabbie style) and just enjoying the breeze. Then getting stuck in (an inevitable) traffic jam and getting all agitated and shit. Screaming “ooo aaaahhh ooooo” at no one in particular and banging my chest.


To-do list. Put. Done.


Went and saw me the Ram Leela the other day. Followed by Hunger Games. Both were okay I guess. No. Actually RL was fuck-all, but then it had Richa Chadha and so you have to at least give it some 4-5 stars out of one billion. Oh Chadha, uff yeh tricks, baby lagdi aie killer.

I walked into Hunger Games some 40 mins late and my friends were laughing their asses off as I bumped, tripped and shuffled my way to the seats. Right in the frikkin middle. Sala chutiyas.

Chal be. Kuch bhi.

The cooking bai is likely to be fired in a couple of days. Am wondering how I am going to go about doing it. We call her Shifu cause she is a Chef who makes Shit. 

What else, what else.

Shall be hopefully celebrating Christmas in Vishakapatnam. Which is fucking amazing cause I have heard so much about it but can’t remember what it was like. 



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