Where the slightly spicy samosas are bitten into, garam garam on my fingers and dipped in tangy chutney

Samosas. What an idea sirjiee. Fry some aloo and some mutter and then mix in some masala and then fry it all again and then stuff it in this soft, pliant shell and then fry the mothafuck out of that as well.

And if its cold enough outside, watch the steam escape from the folds of masaledar aloo. And the aloo going, “nahiee steam. Don’t leave me.”

Oye ki haal.


It is a bit cold for it right now but I did manage to get me a banta the other day. All opened with that “top” sound and then mixed with some masala. The stylish ones tilt the bottle this way and that, supposedly to make all the lemonade gush out but I think just cause it looks so fuckin stylish. All loosey loosey and slightly casual and cool at the same time.


I think camels would be the world’s most powerful sneezers. I mean have you seen the size of those fuckin nostrils. Their snot would go a long, long way if ya know what I mean.


Sneezing here and there. All over the place. Their long necks shivering and shaking with every sneeze. Their nostrils and lips going all “pbbtttttt” with each sneeze.




I think we can all undertake to undertake a moment of silence right now. For the dead possums on top of an auto rickshaw.

Silence please.


I wonder if you could convince people to keep quiet for any reason whatsoever. “Aye you, shut your mouth. Today is world solidarity day with the mute” or something like that.

Oh, is that not cool? Is it? izzzy wheejei is it?


Have decided that I am going to fix Brutus up. Like the basic problem is that she don’t get no regular care and there is nothing actually actually wrong with her. Time to head to Bangalore.

Luru, luru bengaluru.


So evidently there is a 7-day hike to Namdapha organised by these guys called indiahikes. Fucking thing is full up. Wondering if I should put full chance to dance.

Namdapha is pretty high on the bucket list. Pretty firkin high.



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