Where night falls, a thoroughly clumsy drunk bastard tripping over his mongrel dog

Would be funny as fuck if Night got piss drunk. Kept falling all over the place, here and there. Shuffling and stumbling towards his bed, shoulders brushing against walls. Tripping every now and then, clutching his shades to stop them from clattering onto the pavement.

Day watching from far away. Unsure whether he should get on the stage or not.

Dusk, watching from the corner of his eyes. Secretly enjoying Day’s discomfort. Those bastards got way too much attention, thinks Dusk. They deserves it, thinks Dusk, they do.

A friend of mine broke her leg. Or stretched a ligament or something of that sort. Walking around in crutches. Found it the funniest thing in the world. If I ever had to use crutches, I would totally pimp the shit outtta them. Paint them Govinda yellow and stash little boxes of weed in them somewhere. Insert flashing lights and strobes and make it this disco deewane type crutch.

When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into your neighbour’s eyes.

True story.

Been watching back to back episodes of Monkey Dust. Season 1 is frikkin awesome but I don’t like the way S2 starts. Anyway, extremely dark humour. There is this one skit which has a dad committing suicide in every single episode. Funniest shit I have ever seen. And then there are gay fairies, and cyclists with freaky accents and a murderous step-dad.

Now that is a show that I would like to create.  Quite brilliant methinks.

Got meself a new pair of riding gloves. Short cuff and slightly bright for my taste but bleddy comfortable. Hopefully will do well in the summers as well.

Went for a reflexology massage the other day. They had this weird chair type thing with a place to put your face in. Took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to sit on that thing. Felt like some sort of sexual-position-exploratory chair kinda thing really. Visions of happy endings floating from the dirty part of my mind into the not-so-dirty part of my mind.

Had a female masseuse for the first time ever. Was a bit odd but she was a strong one, she was. Did this weird pressing+pinching thing around the wrist that I thought was pretty cool. She totally belted the shizzle outta my fat muscles.

After that chair thing, they make you lie down on this weird, curvy bed kind of thing. And I am lying down and trying my best not to fart. And its all quiet and there are like 3 people in the room and everyone would know it was me. Did not really manage to relax. Even with the muzak in the background. Yup, even a piped version of “my heart will go on and onnnnnnnn” was unable to calm me down.

I think muzak is some form of evolved torture. Somewhere, some evil bastard is laughing the evil laugh and churning out more and more copies of that shit. Choosing the songs which will worm into your brain and then simply refuse to leave.

Went for a cycle ride the other day. Rode through mud roads and broken patches under gigantic trees in the middle of nowhere. Went past farms which were so green. Just so green. Through tiny villages with shops selling bananas and hot tea in plastic cups. Past beautiful lakes and on a relatively deserted highway. It was beautiful and there was this one spot where the sun was just setting and the shadows were dancing through the leaves and onto the road. And when I looked up, I could see the blue sky with clouds so shy it made me smile.

My bum has been hurting ever since. I don’t think ’em cheeks really appreciated the ride. But hey, can’t please everyone.

Been listening to bits and pieces of the music I used to listen to a long, long time ago. Building a playlist from my memories. So there is nirvana and billy joel and eagles and america and the who and baba sehgal and michael jackson. Full kichdi only.







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