Where no one gives a fish.

Not a single bastard.

Nope, no one.

What silence.

Welcome to my world.

Indifference is usually associated with silence but I think you can be noisy and indifferent as well. When I was 5 years old, most arguments would end with me covering my ears and going “alalalallalalalallalala”. And the person with the stronger vocal chords would be the winner. Always. Except of course if the Parent People stepped in. Then the winner would be the one who wasnt clutching his/her podgy cheeks and crying his/her brains out.

Not much has changed.

I think you can also be indifferent by talking about something else. Completely unrelated. Like, if someone asks you what your life’s ambition is and you go into this long spiel about your cousin’s dog, Johnny and how Johnny has a shiny coat and how Johnny loves to go for long walks and how Johnny sleeps on his back with his legs in the air.

Ohh Johnny.

Indifferent World. A huge sign “Where no-1 gives a fuc…” is stuck into the ground. A broken sign probably.


So there is an animal called the peacock spider. Which does this super cool dance, booty shaking exercise.

Whoever knew.

I can’t sit in an office all day. Not happening. Must. Get. Out. These closed, closed walls and desks and computers and phone lines. Aack.

I sometimes miss Yokozuna though. Come to think of it, he probably wasnt really the fattest sumo wrestlers. He moved pretty quickly too. I think Lex Luther was the only guy who summerslammed him once. It was at a Summer Slam too. That was a pretty intense moment right there.


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4 Responses to Where no one gives a fish.

  1. prajwalika says:

    you mean like Delhi? no one gives fish in Delhi.
    its horrible.

  2. prajwalika says:

    where? those stinky ones that come in from Gujarat?

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