Where the mind wanders, a suspiciously chubby kid wearing an oversized overcoat, dark glasses and not much else

This whole mind wandering business has to stop at some point of time.  Or may be it should not.

Ambivalence is much zen, little tigris. You have much to learn. There is so much time left.

The idea of time as some sort of flowing “thing” hit me the other day. I was watching this one chap talk and he said something along the lines of, “Like it or not, the next 30 days are going to come and go. Fact” and I was like what if you could just stand and feel time pass you by. Like water flowing past, except its not that obvious.

Ahhh, it looks like you have consumed much “mystery tea”, student.


Went to visit the Sister in Manipal and it was quite a nice trip. Nicely went to temple town Udipi and had some super sexy fish fry and read a book. The last one was particularly satisfying since I just sat and read and read and finished the book. And the best thing was that it was a book about the love of books, and how you can just read and read because you want to, you need to. I thought it was quite the rather means super.

Bad idea to take the bus though. Filled with college kids on the way to Manipal (“Uncle would you mind shifting to this seat? My….friend is ummm here….and…” Who the fuck you calling uncle you motherfucker?) and then on the way back, I had a Snorer sitting right next to me. And so on the terrible ghats section, my hod would nod off and then suddenly, right next to my ear, I would hear this snort or snore or sneeze or phlegm-call. Bastard.

Plus, for the longest time, I was not aware that you could just stop the bus when you wanted to pee. And so I was having this long, drawn out conversation with my bladder. “Keep it in. Just 200 kms to go. Dont worry. You won’t burst.”

It was odd to be surrounded by students though, even if they were all old old and doing serious shit like philosophy and phds and shit. Plus they were largely commies so that was another interesting aspect. Not total jhola wala types but they could get there.


I think the Japs are pretty frikkin amazing:

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3 Responses to Where the mind wanders, a suspiciously chubby kid wearing an oversized overcoat, dark glasses and not much else

  1. I’ve decided to stalk you again. More fervently this time 😛

  2. Chal oye! I has louu for you wonly 😛
    Also, Phoebe said, Your love is like a giant pigeon crapping on my heart. Bwahahahaha!

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