Where we hold each others hands, close our eyes and walk on. Chanting and mumbling under our breath

I really want to know more about the last conversation people have. The very last. Is it about the mundane? Do they talk about the day’s news? Do they ask themselves whether what they would like for their next birthday?

Or do they ponder over some of the deeper things in life? Are the last words about life and love and hope? Are they about forgotten love and slippyshappy memories? Do you think you become wiser moments before you die? Just for a few, tiny moments so that you can fully grasp the meaning of death?

I wonder what a final conversation with a comedian would be like. Would s/he try to rush through the jokes? Making sure that not a single punchline is missed? That would be frustrating though, an incomplete joke. Never get the chance to complete it.

The idea that life itself is an incomplete joke is one which I often find solace in.


There are times when I feel that life is going by way too quickly. Just too fast ya. And then I am like what the eff, slow down mothafucka. I aint ready for all this shit.

Arnold Shivajinagar. Holding a bazooka over his shoulders, a bazooka loaded with shit. Aimed at me. “Feeling lucky punk?”

So my movie references get botched up now and then. What to do.

Life is much like that only.

For your benefit only:

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