If my brain was placed on stage and told to be a comedian

I think this would be the result. At least the first 5 minutes of the show.

You know for all the importance we attach to near-death experiences, the moments themselves are often over before you even realise them. At least that is what I learnt over a recent bike ride.

There were two instances where, had I not been lucky, I would have died. One was when I was carrying too much speed into a right hander, rode onto the gravel and then man-handled Brutus onto the road. Had I not pulled Brutus back in time, I would have been riding on air, down a pretty decent amount of mountain.

The odd thing was that it just got over so quickly, it barely registered in me brain. It was only two or three minutes later, when I pulled to stop on the side of the road did my brain start considering the possible consequences. It was a deserted stretch of road, I had seen maybe 3-4 people in 30 mins and I really, really doubt my armour would have held up against such a giant fall.

The next hour or so of riding was a pretty tense one. Went super slow as well.

I suppose biking is the newest mode of transportation in my travels; still realising the tips and tricks that make it so much fun. Because it can be massive amounts of fun. There was this one gorgeous stretch where I was gliding past some of the greenest fields I have ever seen. Trust me, this is a kind of violent, violent green that just hits you in the face. And it was down this narrow little state road, from this beach town named  Vijaydurg to Ganpatiphule. Absolutely gorgeous little road which would bump into the sea every now and then. And there were places where a bridge was built over the backwaters so if you looked to your left, you could see the gigantic sea and if you looked to the right, you could see this calm, serene river flowing on and on.

There were a couple of magical moments on the trip but the best bit about it was the fact that I went wherever I wanted to. It was literally like asking yourself, “Oooo where does this road go?” and then going ahead and finding out. So I rode through these rain-drenched hills near Jog Falls, and had hot hot chai in the middle of a forest. And then I rode on battered battered roads to this tiny village called Vijaydurg which has a giant fort and an MTDC guest house right by the sea (dormitory bed for 300 bucks). And I had vada pav and chai while standing on a hill overlooking the sea, on the way to Ganpatiphule for no reason whatsoever.

It was fun because of the freedom you had. Just pure, pure freedom.

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